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"Hey Brian, I wanted to thank and congratulate you on receiving such a high score! Very seldom does any speaker on any topic get a perfect 5.0. Great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jim." - Jim Ford, Senior Vice President of Business Education (Kentucky Chamber of Commerce)


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Bill Bryant, WKYT, and Brian Simmons discuss "What's Happening in the Workplace?" on KY Newsmakers quarterly. (Click picture and link to the most recent segment - starts at the 11:23 timeline mark) Brian brings the most current insights and information on workplace topics and matters that concern all Members of today's workforce. More than that, though, Brian always brings "the rest of the story". Stay tuned for more workplace issue discussions with Bill and the WKYT Team in the coming months.

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Whether a customized keynote workshop, multiple session course or a one-on-one presentation skills coaching session, Brian creates programs that provide educational solutions, engaging activities, and entertaining delivery methods. Contact BEST Edutainment - we can design workshops, presentations or conference content creations that fit your needs today. 

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"Thank You For Eating the Cake!" - A Modern Day Lesson in Employee Recognition

  We’ve often heard the saying, “A little recognition goes a long way.” This is certainly true when we consider consistent recognition as a tool that reinforces reasons for employees to be engaged in the organization. Although employees might not directly solicit attention and recognition for a job well done, studies have confirmed how encouraged and engaged employees feel when that spontaneous, unexpected recognition is received. A recent article in the Washington Post reported that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. The article also went on to state that 65% of North Americans report that they didn't receive recognition at all in the previous year. In this session, participants will review modern day recognition homeruns, hacks and fails.


“Playing by the Rules”: Managing Boundaries and Behaviors in the Workplace

The modern workplace is a microcosm of the greater society in which we live. Logically, the type of conduct and behaviors that we see and experience in the world around us are reflected and made manifest daily within employees and work teams. Just as life has its own boundaries that must be respected and adhered to in order to be successful, companies too, must establish and enforce certain boundaries in order to operate efficiently and in compliance with recognized laws, policies and standards. Often times, human resources professionals and business owners are called upon when organizations need to create, implement and enforce boundaries within the workplace. In this Edutainment session, participants will take an in depth look at common boundaries within various organizations and gain insight on ways to manage employee conduct and behaviors that could be considered..... “out of bounds”.


Gender And Pay (GAP) Discrepancies and Other Things That Go Bump In the Workplace

 In light of recent court decisions and “voluntary” settlement agreements, discriminatory pay practices in violation of the Equal Pay Act and other employment laws continue to exist. However, many organizations have mistakenly overlooked red flags and prime indicators of problems within their compensation and benefits structures. Multi-million dollar settlement and penalty amounts are being made public by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) highlighting the serious nature of pay and total compensation differences based on gender and other differences or prior salary information. Find out who just settled their lawsuit for $2.5 million and who settled theirs for $45 million! Learn what you need to be looking for in total compensation compilation and compliance  – NOW. 

Putting The “SUPER”Into SUPERvisors (Seven-Session Series)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)


The journey begins with an introduction and icebreaker activity that sets the foundation stage for the discoveries and learning that take place while enrolled and engaged within the revolutionary training presented during each session within the series. Understanding the complete meaning of what a Supervisor is and understanding the model image, morale and behaviors associated with the role, sets the foundation for establishing the model of a SUPERvisor in the workplace. 

SUPERvising and Managing Business Productivity (S3)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)


Understanding the business that you’re in takes on a different priority on the importance scale as you gain responsibilities in your supervisory role. The mission, vision and goals of the company become more important as you are now held to an increased level of accountability. You’re now accountable for not only your production but for the results of your team’s efforts as well. Learn how to positively impact business productivity through your role as a SUPERvisor.

Displaying the SUPERvisor Attitude (S4)

Introduction to SUPERvisor Image and Morale (S1 and S2)

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)


Employee attitudes collectively form the culture of the company. As a SUPERvisor, how does your attitude impact your success in the role, the success of your team and the overall success of the organization? Explore the current attitudinal pulse of your business, your team and yourself. Learn how to identify, respond to and manage specific attitudes within the workplace.

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)


 Communication is the key to any successful and positive relationship. The employment relationship; specifically, SUPERvisor to co-workers and employees, is no different in its requirement of effective communication skills in all forms. You will become aware of how perceptions are developed based on the ways in which we choose to communicate as SUPERvisors. Understanding communication “Moments of Truth” will help all participants to become more aware of the many opportunities we have as SUPERvisors to impact our workplace relationships.

Leading Teamwork as a SUPERvisor (S6)

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)

The SUPERvisor – Putting It All Together (S7)


Transitioning from the “I” to “We” mindset can be a challenge for many that have been given the additional responsibility of supervising and managing others. You now have to be responsive to the needs of others, reliable in word and deed, and a SUPERvisor that can reassure a team and the organization that you can lead and help manage them to success. After this session, you will view your team members differently.

The SUPERvisor – Putting It All Together (S7)

Effectively Communicating as a SUPERvisor (S5)

The SUPERvisor – Putting It All Together (S7)


The closing session of the series aims to drive the main points into each SUPERvisor that has completed all the sessions contained within the training series. Participants will measure and reveal transference of learned knowledge and skills by reviewing and revisiting earlier activities and goals accomplished during the course. A final evaluation survey will provide instant feedback on program effectiveness and future expected behaviors that should be observed in the workplace. Certificates of course completion are provided.

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